Please wear comfortable clothing (work-our attire), bring water and towel! You will be GLOWING by the end of the class <3

oriental dance (bellydance Classes)



BEGINNER LEVEL (AGES 12 TO ADULT)- This class is designed as an introduction to students who are new to bellydance or need a refresher on the basic techniques/movements.  This introductory level class will cover correct posture, basic movements and technique, easy-to-follow combinations, isolation's, undulations, and gain knowledge of the beauty and art of Raqs Sharqi. Please wear comfortable clothing and don't forget your hip scarf!

INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (AGES 12 TO ADULT)- This class is for students who want to polish their learned, beginner moves and techniques while also, exploring Middle Eastern rhythms and music. We will add-on more combinations, across the floor exercises (incorporating basic Ballet), traveling steps, learning to travel with with layering, and controlling speed. The goal of an intermediate dancer is to polish your movements to become the elegant dancer that you are! 

KIDS BELLYDANCE (AGES 3 & UP)- Studying the Art of Bellydancing is great for any age! This class is designed to teach kids proper dance technique, fun combinations, and music comprehension. For parents who would like for their children to continue with bellydance for future performance/competition opportunities, please contact me to develop a plan.

ADVANCED/CHOREOGRAPHY SESSION- This is a 5 week session for intermediate/advanced dancers who want to grow in their technique, knowledge, performance skills, and learn how to choreograph with different styles of Middle Eastern Dance styles/songs. We will be working on technique on a higher level, across the floor exercises, advanced turns, drills, and learning a new choreography per session (props may be included). Please register by contacting me to save your spot.  I have designed this class to help dancers become the beautiful Oriental Dancer's that they are while improving their performance and/or competition skills.

Deciding to move up a level or stay in the same level depends on your dance intentions! It is best to practice your learned techniques + movements until your body gains muscle memory. If taking the classes for fun and fitness, the level you want to be in is based on your preference. All classes are gender neutral <3


Jizzelle is also available to coach, mentor, teach private lessons, and/or teach choreography for upcoming performances and competitions. Jizzelle will help you take it to the next level and guide you in becoming the dancer you want to be. As Jizzelle likes to say, "It all begins with believing in yourself and putting your heart in everything you do."

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